Final partnership meeting- Thank you!

The Final Partnership Meeting of the Alice Sloan Expedition took place in March. For the past 17 years, every three months the partnership group ( Outdoor Education Group (OEG), Alexandra Secondary College( ASC) and Alice Sloan Trust) have met to plan, organise, and reflect on what began and continued to be the incredibly successful program of the Alice Sloan Expedition and Youth Leadership Program. Over 120 young women were involved in the 17 expeditions and last year, this program was awarded ‘Best Outdoor Education Program’ in the nation. With sadness but great satisfaction, we have made a collective decision to end this program. We feel humbled to have been involved in such an impactful program and wish Alexandra Secondary College all the best as they activate a new program continuing to impact the lives of young women and their community. We cannot thank OEG and ASC enough for the faith and encouragement they gave us initially in creating this outdoor experience in Alice’s name and for the years that have
followed in its growth and success.

Thank you to our supporters who have allowed this program to endure the 17 years.

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